I Need You To Survive FLOstems

$ 20.00

I Need You To Survive is a modern day hymn of the church. Sung all over the world, this song has become a staple in many congregations. With an inspiring message about brotherhood, unity and encouragement, this song is oftentimes the closing song during the pastoral benediction.

This song was written by David Frazier and originally recorded by Hezekiah Walker. In fact, David Frazier has penned dozens of classics for Hezekiah Walker, Karen Clark-Sheard, Shirley Caesar and many others. Our version was produced/arranged by Mike Robinson. Robinson’s version is very respectful of the original with added colors and harmonic progressions that update the song to 2015.



Listen to a snippet of Mike Robinson’s arrangement:


Included FLOstems are:

  1. Vocals Stem
  2. Drums Stem
  3. Bass Stem
  4. Piano Stem
  5. B3 Organ Stem
  6. Rhodes Stem
  7. Strings Stem
  8. Aux Keys 1 Stem
  9. Aux Keys 2 Stem
  10. Loop Stem
  11. Guide Track
  12. Click Track