All In His Hands Master Stems

$ 25.00

‘All In His Hands’ is the latest single recorded by the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship Church Super Mass Choir! This classic song is a choir staple and will shift your service every time! Here on, we have the official Master Stems, which are the original recordings from the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship album titled, ‘The Kingdom Sound’! If you want to learn exactly what was played or sung, purchase the stems and solo each track to take your musicality to the next level!

For singers, we have the separated choir parts so you can learn your part, isolated from the other parts! songFLO is changing the dynamic of music ministry…from learning to teaching to performing! Download the S.T.E.M.S. (Separated Tracks Enhancing Musicians & Singers) now!


Stems Listing:

  1. Soprano
  2. Alto
  3. Tenor
  4. Full Choir
  5. Drums
  6. Loop
  7. Bass
  8. Piano
  9. Rhodes
  10. B3
  11. Aux Keys 1
  12. Aux Keys 2
  13. Horns
  14. Guitar
  15. Guide

Take a listen to this new arrangement of ‘All In His Hands’: