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Arise FLOstems

$ 20.00

Arise is the new single written and performed by Chris House from his debut album, Sing Jesus. Chris is a native of Hampton, Virginia and a 2002 graduate of Hampton University. He currently serves as the Worship Pastor of City Life Church in Newport News, Virginia, under the leadership of Pastor Fred Michaux. Arise is a great opener for your church service. With an energetic groove, 80s-style orchestration and rhythmic guitars, this song will take your worship service to the next level! Listen to the following sample:


Included FLOstems are:

  1. Vocals Stem
  2. Drums stem
  3. Bass Stem
  4. Piano Stem
  5. B3 Organ Stem
  6. Guitar 1 Stem
  7. Guitar 2 Stem
  8. Horns Stem
  9. Strings Stem
  10. Aux Keys Stem
  11. Talkbox Stem
  12. Loop Stem
  13. Guide-Track Stem

Awesome God FLOtrack

$ 5.00

Talent runs in the Haddon family! Gerald Haddon, who is the brother of Deitrick Haddon and wife Tammi released their debut single “Awesome God.” Listen to the audio player to hear this up-tempo song that your church will love to sing during praise and worship!

Bless The Lord Oh My Soul FLOtrack

$ 5.00

Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church embodies an electrifying atmosphere of praise. The thriving Chesapeake, VA church, known as The Mount, and their anointed music department has rendered their first live recording. The highly charged, passionately expressive, praise and worship project Bishop K.W. Brown Presents Earl Bynum and The Mount Unity Choir – LIVE exemplifies a chorus of sound like none have heard.

Under the ministerial leadership of Bishop K.W. Brown and the musical direction of Stellar Award nominee Minister Earl Bynum, The Mount Unity Choir has delivered a collection of perfected praise that is setting forth a charge of electrifying worship. With over 100 voices strong, the pristine choir is being noted as one of Virginia’s best-kept secrets.

We have the actual master stems from the Mount unity Choir’s live recording. The stems are very clean proving that they produced a very professional and well-isolated live recording.